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Wedding Invitations
Wedding invitations are your guests first impression of what to expect of your special day. So many styles, colors, and designs are available to personalize your wedding invitations. When deciding what is important in the invitation, the who, what, where, and when are very important messages that should definitely be included in the invitation. The style of wedding you plan to have should also be conveyed in the invitation (i.e. the more formal the wedding, the more formal the  invitation should be).
Below are some ideas to help you in choosing the type of invitation to suit your wedding style.
  • Type of Ceremony and Reception
    • More formal affairs should stick with more traditional wedding invitations. Traditional invitations tend to consist of low key colors and classic styles. You will want to stay away from bold colors and wild patterns.
  • Wedding Theme
    • Wedding themes can easily be incorporated into the wedding invitations. A popular trend is to use the wedding colors in the invitations. The theme can further be incorporated by using images or designs to match the type of wedding you are having (ex: using floral designs or images for a garden wedding or seashells for a beach wedding).
  • Season
    • Typically darker colors are used for fall and winter weddings and lighter pastel shades are used for spring and summer weddings.
  • Cost
    • Probably the most important element, the type of invitation should take into consideration the amount of money you want to spend on the invitations.  By making your own invitations you can save a lot of money.  Below are instructions on how to make layer invitations with bows, invitations with sashes, and even pocket folder invitations. Making your own invitations does, however, take a lot of time. The most inexpensive type of invitation is the single sheet invitation. You can find these at any Michaels, JoAnn Fabric, Target, or Walmart Stores. I personally find these invitations to be a bit boring and not personal at all, but they are the cheapest way of making your own invitations.