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Using the appropriate cardstock for wedding programs, invitations, escort cards, etc. is extremely important. A heavy cardstock is most often desired for the different projects to ensure your product is not flimsy. For invitationsand programs, I typically recommend using 80 lb cover cardstock or anything heavier. For fan programs this is especially important, because you want the cardstock to be sturdy and not bend over when upright. I even like using a heavier cardstock, however, most home printers will not feed much more than 80 lb cover, so keep this in mind when choosing the weight. For escort cards 65 lb cover cardstock or heavier will work. The escort cards do not need to be as sturdy as the programs or invitations; however, you will still want to use a heavier material.
You probably have noticed that I recommended cover cardstock for every project. I do mention the word cover because there is a difference between cover and index cardstock. Be careful when ordering cardstock to ensure you are ordering cover cardstock instead of index cardstock because index cardstock is much lighter. I always look for a FAQ page or a page that explains the weights of the cardstock from every website I visit to make sure I am getting the right thing. The colors and weights of cardstock vary between the different brands of paper, so it is always helpful to order samples if they are available.
Below are some links to some of the suppliers I purchase cardstock from for my projects.
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